8Straw | Handmade Design is a breezy lifestyle label that has its origin in the small Atlantic island of Porto Santo.

With little more than 8000 inhabitants, Porto Santo has managed to preserve its unspoilt nature, peaceful atmosphere, and traditions.

Our brand speaks to the culture and customs of the islanders infused with modern and sustainable design.

Working exclusively with the two remaining artisan sisters who have become the keepers of this beautiful and delicate art, we provide hats and bags made with local palm leaves, each one unique and carefully crafted by experienced hands.

Our mission is to revive this handcrafted treasure and pass it down to future generations.

Through us you are helping to create sustainable economic opportunities for the island's artisans and entrepreneurs supporting the 100% hand made in Portugal from beginning to end.

Every piece you own is a lengthy labour of love, made for those who appreciate the the quality of artisanal craft.
A golden memory that will age and travel with you, a part of your timeless collection.